Giggleebaby Corner Protectors for Baby Proofing – Corner Edge Protector for Child and Baby Safety around Cabinets, Desks, Tables & Furniture, 24 Pack

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CHILD SAFE & SOFT MATERIAL - Made from non-toxic soft PVC, the Giggleebaby baby proofing corner protector provides baby safety around furniture corners at home, in nurseries and daycare centers

CRYSTAL CLEAR – The corner guards are transparent and clear and maintain the aesthetic nature of furniture while ensuring child safety

MULTI-FUNCTION - Use the edge protectors to take the edge off those sharp furniture edges for baby proofing your home, for child safety or to protect furniture and walls when storing, shifting or moving furniture. These durable corner protectors can be used multiple times over their lifetime

SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Use the provided customized 3M Adhesive pads to stick and secure the baby proofing corner guards to table corners, furniture edges, coffee tables, desks and drawers. Prior to installation, ensure that the surfaces are clean and dry – this ensures better adhesion

ADHESIVE REMOVAL - Place a moderately warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften. Lift from one side and peel off. Any remaining adhesive can be rolled off and you can use a little bit of furniture polish for a final clean up


Color: Clear
Material: Non-Toxic Soft PVC
Size: 4.2 x 4.2 x 2.2 CM
Weight: 15 GMS

24 x Ball-shaped Corner Protectors
72 x 3M Customized Self-Adhesive Pads