Replacement LDH3 P-A-1 Filter Cartridge With Activated Carbon Charcoal

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LDH3 P-A-1 Cartridge for Organic Gases Safety Protection in Painting, Welding, Polishing And Other Industrial Work


Type: Cartridge
Color Code: Brown
Model: SG-LDH3
Standard: GB 2890-2009
Filtration Efficiency: >95%

LDH3 P-A-1 (#3; Brown) Cartridge:
Organic gases and vapors such as Benzene and its derivatives, Acetone, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Gasoline, Carbon disulfide, Lead, Arsenic, Chloropicrin, Cadium, Ether and other kinds of Organic gases


For your personal safety you should choose the appropriate cartridge according to the work environment. The cartridge is effective against organic vapor for more than 45 minutes. However, should you experience breathing difficulty or feel unwell, please leave the work environment immediately and replace the cartridge immediately.

NEVER use a cartridge that is dirty or damaged.

DO NOT use this cartridge and its appropriate half face mask in tanks or other closed container work environments

ALWAYS carefully check the cartridge and its appropriate half facepiece mask components for condition, intactness, damage and sealing BEFORE USE. The cartridge must be seated firmly to its mask for it to be effective and provide personal work safety

1 x SG-LDH3 P-A-1 Cartridge in a sealed packet