Full Face Respirator Mask - Gas Mask for Full Face with 6 Particulate Filters & 2 PA1 Cartridges

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HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The 360° designed face shield houses a soft silicone nose cup and faceseal to cushion heavy contact areas with filter attachments that easily twist on and off. The facepiece fits securely with straps that snugly wrap around the head which eliminates shifting of the face mask for less distraction and frequent adjustment while on the job

DUAL USE: The reusable respirator mask has Bayonet-style connectors and can perform as a gas mask or a dust mask depending on the work requirement and appropriate cartridge or filter. Bayonet connectors are compatible with all Bayonet-style Cartridges and Filters, including 3M Cartridges & Filters. NOTE: Filters and Cartridges are SOLD SEPARATELY

ANTI FOG, SCRATCH RESISTANT LENS: The face shield is Anti Fog and Scratch Resistant. The lens provides a vision rate above 91% with a distortion-free exceptional field of vision

UNIQUE SOUND DEVICE:  The full face respirator is equipped with an unique sound transmission diaphragm that enables easy and clear communication while working at the jobsite

APPLICATION: In the industries of Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, General manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Primary metals, Disaster relief, Chemical laboratory/production, Environmental technology, Mining, Metallurgy, Industrial production, Paint applications, Woodworking and Gas vapor filtration. This reusable face mask respirator has varied and wide uses

Color: Black
Material:  Silicone & PVC
Head Band: 4 point with fast buckle
Filter Chambers: Dual
Weight: 900 gms


1 x Full face Respirator Mask


  1. Rinse with clean water after each use. DO NOT use detergent as it damages the Anti Fog coating. Air dry
  2. Once dry, the Lens can be wiped with a clean cloth
    3. Ensure that the port, inlet valves, and outlet valves are tightly sealed. Always check for any damages
  3. Store the full face respirator mask in a clean environment until the next use
    5. Regularly replace the cartridges and/or filters depending on work usage and the work environment


For your personal safety you should choose the appropriate cartridges and/or filters according to the work environment. However, in the work environment, should you experience breathing difficulty or feel unwell when using the full face mask, please leave the work environment immediately and replace the cartridges and/or filters immediately

NEVER use cartridges and/or filters that are dirty or damaged

DO NOT use this full face respirator mask and its cartridges and/or filters in tanks or other closed container work environments

ALWAYS carefully check the respirator components and its cartridges and/or filters for condition, intactness, damage and sealing BEFORE USE. The cartridges and/or filters must be well seated in the face mask and the reusable respirator mask must be firmly sealed to your face for it to be effective and provide personal safety


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