Hydropik Cordless Water Flosser Rechargeable Portable Oral Irrigator for Travel and Home, H-300, Blue

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Advanced Water Pick Teeth Cleaner w/ 8 Piks for Teeth,Braces,Bridges, H-300, Blue

Water Flossing Teeth and Gums is clinically proven to be significantly effective than brushing teeth to remove plaque and food debris left behind which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. The Hydropik portable oral irrigator water flosser cleans deep for improved gum health, cleaner dental braces/implants, fresh breath for kids (above 8+ years) and adults

The Hydropik Water Flosser is Professional, Cordless, Portable, USB Rechargeable, IPX7 Waterproof rated, 300ML designed for travel, home and ease of use

Ergonomic, Sleek and Space-saving - place it on a washroom countertop or a convenient location in the shower or make it your dental flosser for cordless travel

So confidently 'ADD To CART' & use the Hydropik Cordless Water Flosser Pick towards great Dental Oral Hygiene and Your enhanced Smile

For your safety, ensure that the Jet Tip is pointing towards your Teeth and Gums, and NOT to sensitive areas when the device is turned-on
For children's safety, ensure Adult supervision and guidance when using this product
For a first-time user of our dental water flosser or those with sensitive teeth, please choose the Soft mode. Once adapted, other modes can be chosen
The water flosser portable can be water washed directly, please DO NOT soak it in water. Dry after each cleaning
Ensure that the Recharge Port Plug is firmly inserted into the Plug Port when using the unit in the shower for the best water flosser experience

Water Tank Volume: 300ml
Noise Levels: <72 decibel
Waterproof Rating: IPX 7
Voltage: 100-220V
Battery: Lithium Battery 1400mAh
Charging Time: 4hrs
Low Pressure: 30 PSI
High Pressure: 100 PSI
3 Modes: Low, Medium, High

1x HYDROPIK Oral Irrigator
8x Jet Nozzles
1x USB Charging Cable
1x USB AC Adapter
1x Instruction Manual
1x Travel Case