Reusable Half Face Dust Respirator Mask Safety Goggles Combo

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  • COMFORTABLE SEAL – Made from food-grade Silicone, the half facepiece of the SULDE reusable dust respirator mask (masque reutilisable) fits the face very well to block out any inhaled air and to provide a comfortable snug seal while ensuring easy breathing during work activities
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAP - The strap is fully adjustable to conform to various head measurements which ensures a comfortable yet secure snug fit. The combination of elastic band and headband reduces pressure on the head and neck. The wearing of other safety protective equipment is not affected
  • REUSABLE – The respirator mask is reusable - just replace the SG-DFX.R polypropylene mask filters. 6 polypropylene filters are included to get you started on your job site. The mask filter consists of 5 layers
  • EXCELLENT VALUE – Combined with the adjustable anti-fog safety glasses over glasses, the respirator mask provides excellent value for use in any relevant work environment and/or Handyman DIY projects. The work safety glasses can be worn over glasses, are impact resistant, clear, face fitting, and adjustable. Eye protection and respiratory protection at its finest
  • APPLICATION/USES - The half face dust mask is suitable for dust environments during outdoor activities and when working with Asbestos, Dust, Drywall Sanding, Painting, Coal, Silica, Cement, Castings, Ceramic, Automotive, Agricultural, Construction, Mining, Welding, Woodworking, Lumber, Smelting, Grinding and Sanitation Industries

For your personal safety you should choose the appropriate filters according to the work environment. Should you experience breathing difficulty or feel unwell when using the mask, please leave the work environment immediately and replace the filter or cartridge immediately

NEVER use filters that are dirty or damaged

DO NOT use this half face mask and its filters in tanks or other closed container work environments

ALWAYS carefully check the reusable respirator components and its filters for condition, intactness, damage and sealing BEFORE USE. The filters must be well seated in the mask and the mask must be firmly sealed to your face for it to be effective and provide personal safety


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