Safety Protective Adjustable Goggles - Anti-Fog, Anti-Dust, Anti-Impact Eyewear, Clear

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HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL GRADE DESIGN: These clear safety goggles lens have a multi layer coating and are made from Polycarbonate that protects eyes from dust, debris, saliva, splash, droplets and airborne particulates. These protective glasses are designed for Industrial, Commercial, Sport and Household duties. The anti-fog vents provide ventilation to prevent fogging of the protective glass

EYE PROTECTION: At 35 grams, this protective eyewear is lightweight, anti-fog, waterproof (anti-splash), wind, sand, impact and wear resistant for excellent eye protection. Additionally, these safety glasses over glasses can be worn over prescription glasses

CRYSTAL CLEAR PERFORMANCE: These dustproof goggles have a clear lens and UV protection with a wide view to enhance your visual field with no blind spots. These over the glasses googles provide excellent performance in giving you crystal clear and wide view vision at all times

COMFORTALBLE ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The adjustable highly elastic strap is adjustable to every wearers’ needs, can be worn over glasses and is a one-size-fits-all

MULTI-PURPOSE USAGE: These outdoor glasses can be used in laboratories, construction, shooting, archery, riding, hunting, fishing, woodworking, painting, yardwork, other sports, DIY projects and more



Frame: PVC
Lens: Polycarbonate
Gender: Unisex
Colour: Transparent/Clear
Weight: 35 gms



Adjustable Buckle Strap



Airborne Particles/ Particulates
Dirt, Debris, Dust, Sand, Wind
Impact (300 lb), Splash

1 x Safety Eye Protection Goggle



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