Safety Respirator Mask Filter AGX.1 for Reusable Dust Mask Respirator (10 pk)

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SG-AGX.1 Filter for use in Welding, Drywall Sanding, Resin, Dust, Odor, Woodwork, Paint, Smoke & Construction Environments

Layers: 4
Material: Non-woven Melt-blown Fabric
Standard: GB 2626-2006
Filtration Efficiency: >95%
Manufacture Date: On the Package
Expiration Date: On the Package


These carbon filters can be used in Construction, Welding, Dust, Drywall, Odor, Painting, Woodworking, Smoke, Sanding, Ash and other Work environments.  Additionally, these filters can be used for protection from allergies, pollen, particles etc. while doing yardwork, gardening and other household chores


For your personal safety you should choose the appropriate filters according to the work environment. Should you experience breathing difficulty or feel unwell when using a face mask respirator with the AGX.1 filter, please leave the work environment immediately and replace the filters immediately

NEVER use a filter that is dirty or damaged

DO NOT use a facepiece respirator mask with the AGX.1 filter in tanks or other closed container work environments

ALWAYS carefully check the respirator components and the AGX.1 filter for condition, intactness, damage and sealing BEFORE USE. The filter must be well seated in the mask and the mask must be firmly sealed to your face for it to be effective and provide personal safety

10 x Electrostatic Fiber Filters (in sealed packages)