Sulde Premium Shoe Covers - Disposable, Non-Slip, Durable, 100 Pack (50 Pairs)

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Sulde Premium Shoe Covers - Disposable Boot Covers for Men & Women, Non-Slip, Water Resistant, Durable, 100 Pack (50 Pairs)

Color: Blue
GSM: 40
Material: Non-woven Fabric
Size: Large (fits upto size 12 US Men and 14 US Women)

Anti-Slip, Multi-Use, Light Weight, Water Resistant, Thicker, Durable

Quantity: 100 Pack (50 Pairs)

QUALITY MATERIAL - Unlike other disposable shoe covers which are 30-35 GSM, these non-slip shoe covers are made from quality 40 GSM non-woven fabric. These shoe protectors are machine-made, which enhances their durability. The elastic band helps keep the covers steady on your shoes as you move

ECONOMY PACK - 100 individual shoe covers that are disposable (50 pairs)

SIZING - The Large shoe/boot cover fits up to size 12 US Men and 14 US Women and are reusable 

QUALITIES - Dustproof, Water proof/resistant, Lightweight, Disposable, Non-slip threaded, Thicker, Durable and can be used with suits, gowns, boots and shoes. Additionally, these slip-on reusable shoe protectors are Easy-On and Easy-Off wearable

USAGE - These easy-on and easy-off boot covers have a wide range of usage.  Additionally, with these shoe covers being disposable, they have everyday use for Real Estate agents/ Realtors, Gardeners, Painters, HVAC technicians, Electrical & Plumbing technicians, DIY and more. At home or travel, these boot covers can store your shoes and keep them clean and well maintained